Worth Coming For***

Waiting for you on-site

A spacious car park for cars, camper vans, motorcycles, bicycles and coaches. A reception area, the “Speleo Station” with ticket desk, shop, exhibition hall and video room. Picnic areas with tables and shelters. The Speleo Café, your bistro on the Causse Méjean, for refreshments or a bite to eat, indoors or out on the shaded terrace.

Speleo Station

The Speleo Station is where your trip through space and time begins, to transport you to another world. An underground funicular railway takes you effortlessly to the cavity entrance.

Speleo Café

Local delights and Causse-style togetherness. For a refreshing break or a meal, indoors or outside on the shaded terrace. Get your teeth into an alternative exploration of the Causse Méjean!

Speleo Club

The Speleo Club is a multipurpose hall that can be re-arranged for meetings, meals, a place to relax and various other uses.
It can be privately booked for the day to accommodate groups of up to 50 people for specific meetings and tours of the Aven Armand, or as a separate dining area.

For your Convenience

On-site amenities at your disposal include picnic areas, a large, free car park, a relaxation area, toilets, etc.