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Welcome to the Aven Armand. Let this gripping spectacle carry you off in a poetic daydream packed with emotion. Lose all sense of time as you descend into the depths of this chasm, a Treasure of Earth and Time.
Open to visitors, this cave in Occitanie, South of France, has some fabulous surprises in store! Opt for a guided tour of the Aven Armand, by funicular railway for a visit suitable for all, or on a potholing expedition via the natural well, just like the first explorers.

Aven Armand Tours:

Jules Verne Tour

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Edouard-Alfred Martel acquired his passion for the underground world by reading the books of Jules Verne. His discovery of the Aven Armand was his moment of glory. Relive the fabulous story behind the Aven Armand, revisited in a tour straight out of Jules Verne’s imagination.

  Prices : from €11,30 à €16,90     |      Duration : 1hour     |      suitable for all

Aven Armand Tours:

Exploration Tour

Just like the day it was discovered

Imagine you’re an explorer…… You do not need to be an expert caver – professional instructors will show you an effortless way to descend the 75 metres into the natural well. Join the first expedition alongside Louis Armand, Edouard-Alfred Martel and Armand Viré.

  Prices : from €44,00     |      Duration : 2hours     |      minimum age 12 years

Aven Armand Tours:

VIP Tour

Alone in the World 

Have you always dreamt of being the first to discover a treasure? Enjoy the rare privilege of exploring the Aven Armand alone, by booking a private tour of the cave.

  See full details    |      Duration : 1h30    |      Suitable for all

Aven Armand Tours:

Private Tour

Just you and the guide

With your family, friends or colleagues, perhaps you’d like to do the Aven Armand Jules Verne Tour alone in your own little group, separately from other visitors? Then this is just the tour for you.

   Prices : voir détails     |      Duration : 1h    |      Suitable for all