VIP Tour – Alone in the World: Private bookings of the Aven Armand cave

Have you always dreamt of being the first to discover a treasure? Enjoy the rare privilege of exploring the Aven Armand alone, by booking a private tour of the cave.

During this unusual tour, you’ll relive the profound impressions felt by the first explorers, and get a feel for the sheer scale of this Treasure of Earth and Time.  The experience is enhanced by:

  • the silence in which you can “hear the cave” and its melody created by dripping water.
  • specific features that light up as you progress step by step through the cavity to admire the amazing sight of its forest of 400 stalagmites.
  • a bespoke tour that our guides will help you create.

Whether you come alone or in a small group, a private booking of the Aven Armand is sure to satisfy your wishes.

So, ready for a private tour like no other on the planet?

Prices, Times, Duration of the VIP Tour: Alone in the World

The Aven Armand private tour offers a rare opportunity of being alone in the cave. A private booking of the Aven Armand cave includes an exploration of the fabulous forest of 400 stalagmites.

  Duration : max. 2h30

   Prices : variable, depending on tour content

  Times : on reservation

  Suitable for all