Jules Verne Tour: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Edouard-Alfred Martel acquired his passion for the underground world by reading the books of Jules Verne. His discovery of the Aven Armand was his moment of glory. Relive the fabulous story behind the Aven Armand, revisited in a tour straight out of Jules Verne’s imagination.

Among top activities in Lozère, the Jules Verne Tour at the Aven Armand is open to all. The funicular railway makes it very easy to descend into the cave. The guided tour is then done on foot and includes several flights of steps to reach a depth of 110 metres.

Your tour begins at the rather unusual Speleo Station, in the heart of the Causse Méjean, before embarking on an underground journey to a whole new world.

After the descent by funicular railway, follow the guide into a crystal forest that comes to life as you progress in a whole array of colours. You’ll be accompanied by enthusiastic guides through a fantasy world that’s in fact very real, in the company of Jules Verne himself…

It’s already 150 years since Jules Verne wrote “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, in which he invented an underground world of fabulous creatures, giant plants and extraordinary crystal formations. A dream world revealed by Louis Armand and Edouard-Alfred Martel when they discovered the Aven Armand in 1897.

For you, the dream becomes reality as you explore this place beyond time where light, image and sound combine and fiction intertwines with reality…

This one-hour trip at the centre of the Earth promises to be a poetic and magical dream.

Prices, Times, Duration of the Jules Verne Tour

The Aven Armand Jules Verne Tour is one of the most popular family activities in the Occitanie region. The approach by funicular railway makes it suitable for all.

   Duration : 1h00

   Prices :

  • Adult (from 18 years) : €18,00
  • Child (5 to 18 ans) : €12,00
  • Free for under a 5 years
  • Reduced partner rates and for students, the unemployed and the disabled: 10% off the standard price

  Opening times :

  • From Saturday 30 March to Sunday 14 July: 10am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 5pm*
  • From Monday 15 July to Sunday 25 August: 10am – 6pm*
  • From Monday 26 August to Sunday 22 September: 10am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 5pm*
  • From Monday 23 September to Sunday 3 November: 11am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 3.45pm* from Monday to Friday
  • 10am – 12pm and 1.30pm – 3.45pm* at weekends and during the autumn half-term holiday

*last tour of the day, please arrive at reception 15 minutes beforehand