Is it cold in the cave?

Inside the cave the air temperature is about 12°C and humidity levels around 90%. For the cave tour, wear warm clothing and closed shoes.

Is it cold in the cave?

Inside the cave the air temperature is about 12°C and humidity levels around 90%. For the cave tour, wear warm clothing and closed shoes.

How long does it take to visit the Aven Armand?

  • The Jules Verne Tour and the Private Tour last approximately one hour, for a distance of 450 metres covering a 50-metre elevation range, with stops along the way for explanations from the guide.
  • The Exploration Tour and the VIP Tour take about two hours, including courtesy drinks at the Speleo Café.
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Should I book ahead?

  • For the Jules Verne Tour, bookings are not compulsory but highly recommended, especially in peak season.
  • For the Exploration and Private Tours, you must book ahead online

How do I make a group booking?

Do we have to take the funicular railway?

  • For the Jules Verne Tour and the Private Tour, your 60-metre descent to the Aven Armand cave is easily done in less than two minutes on the funicular railway. The funicular is compulsory both for the trip down to the cave and back to the surface.
  • For the Exploration Tour and the VIP – Alone in the World Tour, the funicular railway is used only for the return to the surface.

Are there any bats in the Aven Armand?

No, bats cannot get inside the Aven Armand.

This is because the cavity access routes form natural obstacles for these small flying mammals.


The vertical natural well is too narrow and too deep for them to fly.

The same goes for the funicular tunnel which, in addition, is closed off by doors at each end.

Can disabled people visit the Aven Armand cave?

  • People with disabilities may go as far as the platform installed above the stalagmite forest. For technical reasons, wheelchairs are not allowed.

Are dogs allowed inside the cave?

  • Domestic pets are allowed on the premises at the surface, but not inside the cavity. Enquire at reception about small dogs, which may be admitted to the tour if carried in a bag.

Can we visit the cave with a pushchair?

  • Pushchairs cannot enter the cavity, mainly because there are too many steps. We recommend you bring a baby carrier. Pushchairs can be used at the “Speleo Station”, the “Speleo Café” and in the outdoor areas.

Am I allowed to take photos and videos in the cavity?

  • As long as no flash is used, you can take photos during the tour as well as amateur videos using your smartphone. Professional photographers must request the appropriate permissions from management.

Is there somewhere to eat on the premises?

  • At the Aven Armand you can get a bite to eat at the “Speleo Café”, inside or out on the shaded panoramic terrace with a view over the Causse Méjean steppes.

Can we bring a picnic?

  • There are picnic tables on site as well as two picnic shelters for peace of mind. You can purchase drinks and local products at the “Speleo Café” to enjoy in the picnic areas.

Is there a souvenir shop?

  • You’ll find the shop inside the “Speleo Station”. We sell a wide selection of souvenirs, including regional products, books, postcards, gemstones, magnets, collection coins and T-shirts.

Which means of payment are accepted?

  • We accept payments in cash or by bank card as well as French holiday vouchers.

Where do we park?

  • There’s a vast, free car park right next to the “Speleo Station”.
  • Motorised vehicles of all categories can park here.
  • There are designated spaces for coaches near the entrance.

Spaces for motorcycles and collection vehicles can be found near reception.

Are camper vans allowed on the car park?

  • Camper vans are welcome during the day. They may stay on the car park for one night only. Be aware, however, that there is no water or power supply, nor any wastewater facilities.

What can we do after visiting the Aven Armand?

  • You can enjoy the Causse Méjean scenery from the panoramic terrace of our “Speleo Café”, or continue your day out by visiting the Fédou cheese dairy, the Caussenard d’Autrefois farm in Hyelzas (5 km from the Aven Armand) or the Moulin de la Borie (6 km from the Aven Armand). Together, these 4 sites invite you to embrace the “Méjean Spirit”.

Any other questions?

  • Contact us by email: contact@aven-armand.com or call us on: +33 (0)4 66 45 61 31